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The world 1st ever ham radio activity in Sonsorol Island
took place in Feruary 2002 with the callsign T88SI.
 From left to right the operators: Maurizio Bertolino (IZ1CRR), 
Derek Cox (G3KHZ), Nando Rubino (IT9YRE)

T88SI on tape - 20 minutes - VHS PAL     clip (mov file 1,6 Mb)
To contribute to the Sonsorol Ham Radio funds I'll donate 10 for every tape sold (20 minutes VHS-PAL from miniDV tape). Please contact me for details about price and shipping costs. 

The project is to improve ham radio and general communications between the islands. We'd like to build radio stations in Sonsorol, Pulo Anna and Merir and teach young guys how to use them. Actually rev Bill Burton (T88BA) is teaching some guys about Ham Radio and we really hope to have new operators from the islands soon. But they need materials, for classroom, students, radio stations (such as morse keys, antennas, qrp kits, diagrams, solderers, voltmeters, coax cable, connectors, wire for dipoles, insulators, baluns, tuners, earphones, etc.) Here we'll inform of the progress of ham radio courses and licences. Please refer to him  for any contribution or donation.

William Burton
P.O.Box 10225
Koror, PW96940 (USA)
Republic of Palau

Equipment/Material donated DONOR
  • Klingenfuss - Guide to fax radio stations - 14 edition
  • Klingenfuss - Radioteletype code manual - 13 edition
  • Klingenfuss - 1995 guide to utility radio stations - 13 edition
  • Klingenfuss - Air and meteo code manual - 14 edition
  • Rig Journal - 11 issues
  • Thomas Harrington - The Hidden Signals on Satellite TV - 3 edition
  • The Amsat Journal - 31 issues
  • David Doody, George Stephan - Basics of Space Flight Learners' Handbook - JPL
  • Jerry Jon Sellers - Understanding Space, an introduction to astronautics
  • Ralph Taggart - Weather Satellite Handbook - 5 edition
  • Gould Smith - Decoding Telemetry from the Amateur Satellites
  • Satellite Times - 18 issues
  • SWR meter
  • Antenna Big Sig Loop by Radio Works
  • Cushcraft R7 antenna (to be sent)
  • Sonsorol video tape (10 each)