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To All Persons of Sonsorol State, Voters and Friends of Sonsorol State. Here is the certified result of the 9th Sonsorol State General Election held on February 29,2016.
I thank you for a peaceful election.
That is the spirit of the people of Sonsorol State.
Laura I. Miles

Official Election Results
Sonsorol State 9th General Election
February 29,2016

BE IT FURTHER DECLARED that the following persons are hereby declared to be the winning candidates for the 9th Sonsorol State Generale Election


Laura I. Miles


Joe KIntoki


Quintine Nestor
Christian Xavier Aquino


Leo Pedro
Lee Mahoraitei Pedro
John B. Nestor

Lawrence Sumor
Alexander Sumor

Jenny Jonas

Valentine Tirso


Sonsorolese and All Palauans,

RPPL 7-50 has repealed the public law that mandated people who did not cast their vote at the 2004 general election to re-register to be able to vote at the 2008 general election. Thus, if you have registered you are fine and you do not have to re-register as I have posted earlier on.

You do need to request for absentee ballot to be able to cast your vote in the upcoming primary in September and in the general election in November.

Do it now. Don't wait. You want to beat the snail mail syndrome. Come on people. This is your duty as people of the world and Palauans. Just do it!!

Click here to download the FORM, fill it out and then fax to the election commission office in palau. 

Here is a the new fantastic set of photos from the
2007 Hisayuki Kubota's trips
in Southwest islands
(Sonsorol Tobi, Merir, Pulo Anna, Helen Reef)


76th Anniversary for the Novena to St. Bernard
Prayer for children on Sonsorol Island

22nd Sonsorol State Constitutional Day

175 new photos by Laura Ierago from her
visit to Sonsorol during the 22nd Constitutional Day

Look out for new cd on songs from Sonsorol Island featuring our
 own island local artists Norman Dennis, Alfred Pedro and Lina Kintoki and others.
This is the first ever cd recorded on Sonsorol love songs.
Proceeds are dedicated for Santa Maria Pillar Church on Sonsorol Island.
Click HERE for more info and audio samples


Graduation pictures

Kaipo Recheungel with some
of his Japanese classmates, graduating from college in Tokyo, Japan in March
Ribka Kintaro and Victor Nestor
(with their proud mothers) graduating from Xavier High School in Chuuk State, Federated States of Micronesia, in May
Alfred Pedro, Belinda Kintoki,
Mark Nestor, and Christian Aquino graduating from Palau Community College in May
Joy Kintoki and Mel Petrus graduating from Mindszenty High School in Palau in May

A message from Laura Ierago

January 22nd: Sonsorol State Constitutional Day

20th Constitutional Day... cake !
photo courtesy Dr. Joel Miles


In commemorating the 20th Anniversary for the Sonsorol State Constitutional Government, the people of the state celebrated with educational activities and video showing beginning January 20th culminating on January 22nd with an official ceremony held at the Eang Village Marina which was broadcasted live on T8AA/AM radio station 1584.

For the Sonsorol State people residing in Eang, Koror, education activity on the state constitution was held at the Eang Bai on January 20th at 7:00 p.m. through 10:30 p.m. On January 21st there were video viewing of the 17th Constitutional Day celebration and other scenic and historical films taken of the islands.

On January 22nd, the people residing on Sonsorol (Dongosaro) Island conducted education on certain portion of the State Constitution at the Sonsorol Elementary School grounds. Following the education activity the students held their first debate contest on the Constitution. On Pulo Anna (Puro) the school and the community celebrated with fun and games in the morning followed by lunch feast. On Meriil (Melieli) the only two residents prepared enough food to last them the whole day and laid back and relaxed the rest of the day.

An official ceremony was held at the Eang Marina on January 22nd from 2:00 p.m. through 8:00 p.m. Gracing the special event were Father Rusk Saburo, President Tommy E. Remengesau, Delegate Thomas Patris, Governor Laura Ierago, Latu Tamoru Kurterbis Kurterimalei, Laturi Melieli Lawrence Ierago, Nurap Nickolas Aquino, Speaker Emilio Nestor, Vice Speaker Valentine Tirso, Miss Sonsorol,Lisa Petrus and the Master of Ceremony Alfred Pedro, together with all the Sonsorol State people residing in Eang Village. In addition all the residents of Sonsorol, Pulo Anna and Meriil tuned in to T8AA/AM radio station 1584 and joined in the celebration which was broadcasted live. There were speeches, music, food and dances and plentiful joy.

A special part of the program was the official launching of the state canoe which will represent the state in the 9th Pacific Arts Festival in July this year. Mr. Sumor Albis, briefly gave a history of the sailing canoe. Following he performed the Pulo Anna custom of traditional chant and dance for good fortune for the canoe and owner, Mr. Frank Pedro, before the canoe was carried out and set in the water.

Sincere thanks goes to PNCC and T8AA/AM radio station 1584 for broadcasting live the ceremony which enabled the people on Sonsorol, Pulo Anna and Meriil to tune in and join in the celebration. Congratulations to all the people and friends of Sonsorol State!


Here is the canoe that will represent Sonsorol State
in the Festival of Arts in Jul

This is a site devoted to a wonderful island in the Republic of Palau: Sonsorol. Located in the North Pacific Ocean at 518'N and 13212'E (see the star in the map) and far from tourism routes this small island has lot to offer. We'll try to collect all the informations and we need your support. Don't hesitate to contact us, to visit the hundreds of photos in the gallery and to leave your comments or suggestions in the forum. Webmaster, Maurizio Bertolino (i121171@tin.it)

Challenge for all Sonsorol people
I challenge you all especially you youth here in Palau and especially you who are abroad in school or not in school. You have the opportunities for education and just exposure to more ideas and concepts for better living standards and important issues worldwide. I challenge you to live and train and plan to come back to Palau to Sonsorol State to your families to your friends and relatives to help out in the preservation, protection and development of our state. Just a short one. If you want more detailed info contact me at my office emaill address. Thank you & good luck. Governor, Laura I. Ierago (sonsorol@palaunet.com)

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Sonsorol island plate

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Here is a fantastic set of new photos from the
2007 Hisayuki Kubota's trips
in Southwest islands
(Sonsorol Tobi, Merir, Pulo Anna, Helen Reef)

St. Bernard feast August 2006 by Laura Ierago (200 photos)

Sonsorolese language

76th Anniversary for the Novena to St. Bernard
Prayer for children on Sonsorol Island


Meet Mr. Lawrence Ierago, PCC Adult High School's oldest student

Here is a fantastic set of 2336 photos from the
2004-2005-2006 Hisayuki Kubota's trips
in Southwest islands
(Sonsorol Tobi, Merir, Pulo Anna, Helen Reef)

Fiyangori Sonsorol State ma Faruyar


Brief Ethno-history of Sonsorol State and its islands.
(by Laura Ierago)

175 new photos by Laura Ierago from her visit to Sonsorol during the 22nd Constitutional Day

A group of women from Sonsorol State were invited to witness the
opening session of the Palau National Congress

Motoda: a Japanese report about a 1939 trip on Sonsorol, Merir, Pulo Ana, Tobi and helen reef (thanks David Sapio)

Movie files - NEW

New page: language, an easy english to sonsorolose dictionary

Two photos from the 2001 Palau Summer Games

Message from 

SSYO Secretary/Treasurer
Lina Kintoki

15 March: Youth Day

New photos by Dr. Joel Miles

Field Trip to Sonsorol and Hatohobei State - December 22nd through 31st 2002 by Gov. Laura Ierago

Pics of Yolinne Fernando and Liza Petrus added in Genealogy tree


New links page

New slide show

Genealogy tree

List of countries
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New photos by Laree Ierago

Black and white photos dated 1909 and 1937 

Brief Progress Report
FY 2002

Challenge for all Sonsorol people

 Mission statement and long term goals

Brief history of Sonsorol Municipality

Novena to St.Bernard
for children of Sonsorol

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